• Welcome to Dr. Louis A. Cerulli School #34. Principal  

    Throughout the course of my career, I have developed high standards for instruction, community building, collaboration and the development of systems. I believe that our students deserve a world class education that affords students and staff the opportunity to work together and reach their full potential. I believe in teamwork, mutual respect, and responsibility. It is my goal to work with the entire school community to build on recent success and reach new heights.

    To our students, be ready to work harder, think deeper, and smile more.

    To our parents and community, let's work together to ensure that each and every child reaches their full potential.

    Please check our monthly newsletters below for updates and school events. We will also post these letters on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Class Dojo. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. #GoTigers #TenaciousLearning

    Mr. Dave Passero
    Email: David.Passero@rcsdk12.org
    Phone: 585-458-3210 ex 1002
    Twitter: @davepassero1

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