Dear World of Inquiry High School Students,

    Summer is a time for vacations, ice-cream, roller coasters, and relaxation. None of us wants you to miss out on your hard-earned break. However, most students lose about three months of knowledge and skills every summer break due to little or no intellectual engagement. Since we care as much about your ability to retain the intellectual skills that you have acquired this past year, here is your Summer Reading Assignment.

    You will choose TWO (2) books from the list of texts; one must be fiction and the other non-fiction. For the book you choose complete a DIALECTICAL JOURNAL (directions attached) of your reading. Please complete your assignment on a Google Document – you can find an electronic copy on the school website.

    Learning Targets:

    ·         I can bring background knowledge and experience to reading

    ·         I can construct meaning from the text

    ·         I can provide direct, individualized, as well as constructive criticism

    ·         I can develop appreciation for the structure of a text’s plot


    Due Date for the Summer Reading Assignment for Grades 9-12 – Monday, 9/28



    If you have any questions, please email Christian.Zwahlen@rcsdk12.org, Melissa.Teague@rcsdk12.org, Gina.Porretta-Baker@rcsdk12.org, Michelle.Davis@rcsdk12.org.



    We look forward to seeing you in September!



    NOTE: Summer Reading Documents available at www.rcsdk12.org/58






    For EACH book, complete the following:

    1.  Choose FIVE (5) passages or quotes from EACH book. Be sure to include FIVE (5) entries that refer to the beginning, middle, and end of the fiction you select, and FIVE (5) entries that refer to the beginning, middle, and end of the non-fiction you read. Your total number of entries for BOTH literary works must equal TEN (10).

    2.  You may TYPE or WRITE IN A COMPOSITION BOOK: 1) Copy the passage or quote and write the page number. 2) For each passage or quote, select one of the following reading prompts. 3) Copy the selected reading prompts. 4) Respond to the Reading Prompts thoughtfully and thoroughly: at least 3-5 sentences. (See Example of Dialectical Journal)



    1)  Who is speaking? Where does this particular scene take place (setting)? Explain the

          character’s thoughts, motives, and actions (i.e. What does the person mean?).

    2)  How would you summarize the idea expressed here?

    3)  What does this excerpt reveal about the character(s) or ideas in this book? What is your  

          opinion of the character(s)? Use textual evidence to substantiate your claim.

    4)  What literary device/technique (i.e. symbolism, flashback, irony, metaphor, simile,

         personification, allusion, hyperbole, etc.) does the author use to convey meaning and how is it


    5)  I really don’t understand why....

    6)  I agree/disagree wholeheartedly with the idea/statement that.....

    7)  I think the message the author is trying to convey is.....

    8)  This passage is similar to a time in my life when..... OR: This passage reminds me of the      

         character _____________________________from the literary work entitled,

         ______________________. (Include the character’s name and the title of the literary work.)

    9)  If I were (character’s name), .....OR: If I were (specify the situation/dilemma,

          etc.), I would have said/done......

    10) This passage, quote, or excerpt is significant because….