• Just Do It!!

    That's our class motto!  No matter what you're working on, Just Do It!  If it seems hard, don't give up! Just Do It!  If someone needs help, help them! Just Do It! Give your best efforts!  Just Do It! :)


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  • Soccer is our Theme!!

    Our classroom theme is SOCCER!  In soccer each team is trying to make a goal.  In our classroom, each student is working toward meeting learning goals!  With the game, when you practice, you get better!  With learning, the same is true!  Practice reading!  Practice your addition and subtraction facts!  Make those goals...reach those goals!!


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  • Our 2nd Grade Author-of-the-Year is Jan Brett!!

    Here are some titles by Jan Brett that you can read:

    The Snowy Nap--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2018        (Set in Denmark) GINGERBREAD CHRISTMAS--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2016         (Set in Switzerland) FRITZ AND THE BEAUTIFUL HORSES--G.P. Putnam's Sons-2016         (Set in Salzburg, Austria) THE FIRST DOG--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2015  (Set in La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles, California) THE ANIMALS' SANTA--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2014      (Set in Northern Canada) MOSSY--G.P. Putnam's Sons--(September 2012)      (Set by a turtle pond in Hingham, Massachusetts) ANNIE AND THE WILD ANIMALS--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2014         (Set in Kittery Point, Maine) BEAUTY AND THE BEAST--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2012        (Set in Jan Land - a made up place) HOME FOR CHRISTMAS--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2011      (Set in Arctic Sweden) THE 3 LITTLE DASSIES--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2010      (Set in Namibia, Africa) THE EASTER EGG--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2010       (Set in Norwell, Massachusetts)  JAN BRETT'S SNOWY TREASURY--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2009¶        (Anthology) GINGERBREAD FRIENDS--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2008        (Set in Switzerland) HEDGIE BLASTS OFF!--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2006        (Set in Kennedy Space Center and in outer space) HEDGIE LOVES TO READ--Free Book! THE UMBRELLA--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2004        (Set in Costa Rica) DAISY COMES HOME--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2002        (Set in Guilin, China) CHRISTMAS TREASURY--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2001        (Anthology) HEDGIE'S SURPRISE--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2000        (Set in Denmark) THE HAT--G.P. Putnam's Sons--1997        (Set in Denmark) COMET'S NINE LIVES--G.P. Putnam's Sons--1996        (Set in Nantucket, Massachusetts) ARMADILLO RODEO--G.P. Putnam's Sons--1995        (Set in Fredericksburg, Texas) CHRISTMAS TROLLS--G P. Putnam's Sons--1993         (Set in Bergen, Norway) TROUBLE WITH TROLLS--G. P. Putnam's Sons--1992         (Set in Bergen, Norway) BERLIOZ THE BEAR--G P. Putnam's Sons--1991         (Set in Bad Tolz, Germany) THE WILD CHRISTMAS REINDEER--G P. Putnam's Sons--1990         (Set in Norway)  

    Books Retold and Illustrated by Jan Brett THE TALE OF THE TIGER SLIPPERS--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2019         (Set in Bandhavgarh, Kanha, and Panna, India) THE MERMAID--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2017         (Set in Okinawa, Japan) THE THREE SNOW BEARS--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2007         (Set in Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada) HONEY...HONEY...LION!--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2005         (Set in Okevango Delta, Botswana, Africa) ON NOAH'S ARK--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2003         (Set in Okevango Delta, Botswana, Africa) WHO'S THAT KNOCKING ON CHRISTMAS EVE--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2002         (Set in Alta, Norway) GINGERBREAD BABY--G. P. Putnam's Sons--1999        (Set in Switzerland) TOWN MOUSE, COUNTRY MOUSE--G. P. Putnam's Sons--1994        (Set in Switzerland) THE MITTEN--G. P. Putnam's Sons--1989        (Set in Ukraine) GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS--G. P. Putnam's Sons--1987        (Set in Jan Land - a made up place)

    Books Illustrated by Jan Brett THE TURNIP--G.P. Putnam's Sons--(November 2015) (Set in Russia, Finland, and Sweden) CINDERS a Chicken Cinderella--G. P. Putnam's Sons--November 2013        (Set in Novgorod Russia) THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS--G. P. Putnam's Sons--1998        (Set in Stockbridge, Massachusetts) THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT--G. P. Putnam's Sons--1991        (Set in Martinique) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DUCK--Clarion--1988  THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS--G.P. Putnam's Sons--1986        (Set in  England, Italy, France, Norway, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Germany,  Hungary, Scotland, Spain, and America) SCARY, SCARY HALLOWEEN--Clarion--1986   MOTHER'S DAY MICE--Clarion--1986   NOELLE OF THE NUTCRACKER--Houghton Mifflin--1986  VALENTINE BEARS--Clarion--1983  ST. PATRICK'S DAY IN THE MORNING--Clarion--1980 

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