Our 2nd Grade Author-of-the-Year is Jan Brett!!

Here are some titles by Jan Brett that you can read:

The Snowy Nap--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2018        (Set in Denmark) GINGERBREAD CHRISTMAS--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2016         (Set in Switzerland) FRITZ AND THE BEAUTIFUL HORSES--G.P. Putnam's Sons-2016         (Set in Salzburg, Austria) THE FIRST DOG--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2015  (Set in La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles, California) THE ANIMALS' SANTA--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2014      (Set in Northern Canada) MOSSY--G.P. Putnam's Sons--(September 2012)      (Set by a turtle pond in Hingham, Massachusetts) ANNIE AND THE WILD ANIMALS--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2014         (Set in Kittery Point, Maine) BEAUTY AND THE BEAST--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2012        (Set in Jan Land - a made up place) HOME FOR CHRISTMAS--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2011      (Set in Arctic Sweden) THE 3 LITTLE DASSIES--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2010      (Set in Namibia, Africa) THE EASTER EGG--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2010       (Set in Norwell, Massachusetts)  JAN BRETT'S SNOWY TREASURY--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2009¶        (Anthology) GINGERBREAD FRIENDS--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2008        (Set in Switzerland) HEDGIE BLASTS OFF!--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2006        (Set in Kennedy Space Center and in outer space) HEDGIE LOVES TO READ--Free Book! THE UMBRELLA--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2004        (Set in Costa Rica) DAISY COMES HOME--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2002        (Set in Guilin, China) CHRISTMAS TREASURY--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2001        (Anthology) HEDGIE'S SURPRISE--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2000        (Set in Denmark) THE HAT--G.P. Putnam's Sons--1997        (Set in Denmark) COMET'S NINE LIVES--G.P. Putnam's Sons--1996        (Set in Nantucket, Massachusetts) ARMADILLO RODEO--G.P. Putnam's Sons--1995        (Set in Fredericksburg, Texas) CHRISTMAS TROLLS--G P. Putnam's Sons--1993         (Set in Bergen, Norway) TROUBLE WITH TROLLS--G. P. Putnam's Sons--1992         (Set in Bergen, Norway) BERLIOZ THE BEAR--G P. Putnam's Sons--1991         (Set in Bad Tolz, Germany) THE WILD CHRISTMAS REINDEER--G P. Putnam's Sons--1990         (Set in Norway)  

Books Retold and Illustrated by Jan Brett THE TALE OF THE TIGER SLIPPERS--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2019         (Set in Bandhavgarh, Kanha, and Panna, India) THE MERMAID--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2017         (Set in Okinawa, Japan) THE THREE SNOW BEARS--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2007         (Set in Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada) HONEY...HONEY...LION!--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2005         (Set in Okevango Delta, Botswana, Africa) ON NOAH'S ARK--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2003         (Set in Okevango Delta, Botswana, Africa) WHO'S THAT KNOCKING ON CHRISTMAS EVE--G.P. Putnam's Sons--2002         (Set in Alta, Norway) GINGERBREAD BABY--G. P. Putnam's Sons--1999        (Set in Switzerland) TOWN MOUSE, COUNTRY MOUSE--G. P. Putnam's Sons--1994        (Set in Switzerland) THE MITTEN--G. P. Putnam's Sons--1989        (Set in Ukraine) GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS--G. P. Putnam's Sons--1987        (Set in Jan Land - a made up place)

Books Illustrated by Jan Brett THE TURNIP--G.P. Putnam's Sons--(November 2015) (Set in Russia, Finland, and Sweden) CINDERS a Chicken Cinderella--G. P. Putnam's Sons--November 2013        (Set in Novgorod Russia) THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS--G. P. Putnam's Sons--1998        (Set in Stockbridge, Massachusetts) THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT--G. P. Putnam's Sons--1991        (Set in Martinique) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DUCK--Clarion--1988  THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS--G.P. Putnam's Sons--1986        (Set in  England, Italy, France, Norway, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Germany,  Hungary, Scotland, Spain, and America) SCARY, SCARY HALLOWEEN--Clarion--1986   MOTHER'S DAY MICE--Clarion--1986   NOELLE OF THE NUTCRACKER--Houghton Mifflin--1986  VALENTINE BEARS--Clarion--1983  ST. PATRICK'S DAY IN THE MORNING--Clarion--1980 

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