• No. 9
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School No. 9 is the largest bilingual elementary school in the Rochester City School District. School No. 9 provides a comprehensive elementary program that prepares children to be diverse learners in the 21st Century. The faculty and staff integrate best practices, technology and a culturally relevant curriculum to provide a holistic education program in a nurturing and supportive learning environment. Our students and staff wear uniforms of white tops and blue bottoms.
    At School No. 9 your child will experience:
    • Technology to support learning. Each classroom has a visual presenter, LCD projector, SMART boards, computer centers, Chromebook carts, and distant learning opportunities.
    • A multimedia library center to support a love of reading.
    • A Bilingual Education program with a full-day Bilingual Pre-K program to support learning in two languages.
    • After school and before school activities to provide opportunities to participate in tutoring, arts and crafts, technology, and organized sports such as basketball, football, soccer, and baseball.
    • Mentoring programs (Boys Group, Sisterhood, Peace Club, and Peer Mediation) to support the transition to high school and the teenage years with character education and strategies to deal with conflict positively.
    • Festivals, fairs, and presentations including poetry celebrations, non-fiction presentations, and winter carnivals to celebrate learning and student work.
    • Early Morning programs (Blossoming Readers, STAR Readers and, for speakers of other languages, Early Morning ESOL) to ensure all children meet New York State learning standards.
    • Partnerships within the community (St Paul's and St. Mary's Churches and Christ Church of Pittsford) that provide field trips and guest speakers, support curriculum studies and provide individual one-to-one tutoring support and parent involvement.
    • The Mercier Literacy Program, which provides a Saturday reading camp.
    • A business partnership with Harris Beach Law Firm to support character education, extended learning opportunities, and mentors.
    • A PTA to help parents support their children's learning as well as enhance their own knowledge of the New York State Learning Standards.
    • On-site medical and mental health services from ViaHealth.