• Home/Hospital Instruction  

    The Home/Hospital Program offers a variety of students an opportunity to continue their education while in transitional situations.

    Students with both short-term and chronic illnesses/injuries are served by Home/Hospital Teachers, who deliver instruction on a one-to-one basis, adjusting instruction to accommodate the health needs of the student.

    Pregnant students comprise another large group served by our program. They are typically out of school for a period of six weeks, and Home/Hospital Teachers provide instruction tailored toward a smooth transition back to their home school or program.

    Students awaiting placement in residential or day treatment programs are placed with the Home/Hospital Program, often for a period of months. Teachers delivering individualized instruction to these students enjoy the unique opportunity to assess and address unique learning needs. This opportunity for intensive intervention can be considered a high expression of the differentiated instruction which is now heralded on both a federal and local level.

    The Home/Hospital Program serves a large pool of students, with numbers usually in excess of 300 students annually. By definition, it is a flexible and inclusive program designed to meet the needs of students who range from the level of alternate assessment to Advanced Placement (AP). Importantly, it gives the RCSD a human face, with a teacher in the living room or kitchen, providing a link among parent, student, and school.

    Home/Hospital Teachers are certified teachers who meet their students one-on-one in their homes, in libraries, in community agencies, or in hospitals.

    Per the NYS Commissioner's Regulations, Home/Hospital Instruction provides continuity of academic instruction in core subjects to students who are homebound; are unable to attend school, usually for reasons of illness, disability or discipline. Assignment duration to the program varies, depending on the severity of the medical condition or suspension.  Home/Hospital Teachers travel to various locations to meet the academic needs of district students and sometimes those of private and/or parochial school students (with an IEP). Although a Home/Hospital Teacher provides continuity of instruction for individual students, the student continues to remain directly connected to his/her home school.

    * A review of all requests for Home/Hospital Instruction must be made by the Program Administrator or a registered nurse to determine medical necessity.