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    The #9 PE department would like to reach out and give some updates on what is to come for PE during this time. Our goal as a department is to provide educational opportunities for students to work on their physical and mental health at home. Staying active during these times is very important (as always, 60 minutes of exercise each day is a must). 

    *Make sure to check out the Playworks doc (found here). Recess sessions run live 3 times per day: 12 noon, 2 p.m., and 4 p.m. Click on PLAYWORKS LINK

    All the students know the warm-ups we do before each class. They can do these warm-ups every morning when they wake-up. 

    Stretches include: 

    1. V-sit, touch right and left legs
    2. Feet together, touch toes
    3. Butterflies, touch nose to the toes
    4. Arm circles forward and backward
    5. Give self a hug
    6. 25 Jumping jacks
    7. 25 Push-ups
    8. 20 Sit-ups
    9. 25 spot-jumps forward/back/sided to side
    10. 25 Up/downs 

    Please stay healthy and active,

    Mr. Peppe, Mr. Rogala, & Mr. Turek

    Update 4/8/20 

    Our Physical Education Department wanted to share some more valuable resources below. Also, be sure to check out our links and activity pages to the left.

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