Hello Students!

    Here, you will find many pictures and videos from class. You will also find worksheets and practice papers for class work and for homework. Thank you for visiting!

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    Worksheets for Classwork and Homework:
    Perimeter Word Problems 1 Date: 12-17-2013
    Area Practice Worksheet Date: 12-13-2013

    Reading in Math Class

    Students in 1st period read manybooks this year! We read books about Place Value, Estimation, Decimals and Fractions!We will also read many more books in math class this school year!


    Sorting Decimals

    Students in 1st period worked insmall groups to order and sort decimals in the tenths, hundredths, andthousandths place from least to greatest.  

    Math in the Library Lesson
    Students in 1st period went to theLibrary to help our librarian, Mrs. Wise sort and organize books in order fromleast to greatest. Students had to compare decimals in the tenths, hundredths,and thousandths place value. Students applied the skills learned in math classto the library! It was a lot of fun. Thank you Mrs. Wise!   

    Group Work in Math Class

    Students in 5th period love working together on small projects! Here are some pictures of students reading together, creating posters together, and playing review games together!