• It's that time again!
     student reading
       The "ROC Reads" program encourages students in our school to read during our week-long school recess times.  Students will receive a "ROC Reads" form in school Friday, February 15th.  

       During the February break, make sure that your child reads at least one complete text and completes the form indicating the title and author of the text. Your child is also asked to complete a response to the book, i.e. a quality paragraph, complete with a topic sentence and supporting details to explain what he/she enjoyed about the text.  This will help your child think about what he/she is reading and build effective comprehension skills. Additionally, it is a great opportunity to practice those writing skills!
       Once the form is returned to school, your child's name will be submitted to receive two $6 meal tickets from Wegman's and two Rochester Razorsharks basketball tickets! 
    Remember...encourage your student to read at least 30 minutes each day!