• 7th/8th Grade Modified Sports

    7th and 8th graders have the opportunity to play on sports teams with the boys and girls at Thomas Jefferson High School.  There are three seasons of sports; Fall, Winter and Spring.  All sports are offered at Jefferson except track and tennis in the spring.  

    Fall - Boys Soccer, Boys Volleyball and Girls Volleyball
    Winter - Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball and Co-ed Swimming
    SpringBoys Baseball and Girls Softball and Coed Track and Coed Tennis @ Franklin High School
    Elementary Track Team - Spring      track meet
    The School #45 track team is comprised of 32 athletes ranging in age from 9-13. The track meet is held at the end of May at East High against 8 other schools.  The students are tested in the following events; 50 yd dash, high jump, long jump, softball throw and relay races. The students with the top times and distances are invited to be part of the track team.