• School Based Planning Team

    The essential role and responsibility of the School-Based Planning Team is to make decisions and shape programs that will improve and strengthen the education and instructional practices provided to students.  The team must accept responsibility to lead and influence others in the school community in a way that creates ownership, collaboration and support for the school's mission, vision, and goals.  The team meets once a month, and should consist of constituents representing each bargaining unit and parents.  If you are interested in being a member, please contact one of the team members.

  • School Based Planning Team Members:

    Robert Snyder, Principal        ASAR

    Rebecca Bradstreet               RTA

    Kimberly Wiesenberg            RTA

    Christine Williams                 RTA

    Jennifer Brown                     RTA

    Chelsie Murray                     RAP

    Patricia Engert                     RAP

    Donni Essler                       Parent

    Monisha Foster                   Parent