• Our school operates on a letter-day schedule (A-D). Each specific letter day determines a variety of things such as choir rehearsal, specials assignments, and library visits.

    Each "A" and "C" day, students attend physical education class with Mr. Keenan. Additionally, on "A" days, some students participate in choir rehearsals with Mrs. Best, preparing for our annual winter and spring performances. Also, on "A" days, our class has the opportunity to use the laptop cart for such activities as RAZ-kids, First In Math, and Compass Learning.  

    On "B" days, our class meets with Mrs. Best for music class.  
    On "D" days, half of the class receives art instruction with Mrs. Mull.  Each student receives 20 weeks of art instruction (every other marking period).
    Click here for our daily schedule and see the time frame for each of our core subject areas (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies).
    If you are interested in volunteering in our classroom, please review the schedule and contact me to make arrangements!