• Program Description



    Career Cluster: Hospitality

    Course name/Description: Food and Nutrition

    Our Work Experience Program teaches students appropriate work habits and skills for employment in the food service trade, focusing on food safety and sanitation, equipment safety, cooking skills, food production, inventory management, and ordering.  Emphasis on accurate  measurement and knowledge of  food  ingredients, an  understanding of  culinary vocabulary, Recognition of  mental, social, emotional aspects of good health and the impact of one’s diet on it and application of the knowledge of food choices to plan a balanced diet. This course covers instruction in the foundations of culinary arts, including food theory, demonstrations and hands-on cooking.  Students will engage in various food preparation techniques and will sample and sell their culinary creations. This particular program is designed to prepare High School students for the world of work in the restaurant/hospitality industry.  



    Explain various kitchen terminology

    Apply different cooking techniques and predict their outcomes

    Apply kitchen tools/equipment and their use

    Plate food products for eye appeal and customer convenience

    Demonstrate proper cooking procedures, fundamental baking techniques, and appropriate seasoning of food products

    Apply correct sanitation techniques

    Interpret recipes

    Demonstrate the ability to work as a team




    Programming/Courses included (units of study): n/a

    College articulation: n/a

    Technical assessments/Certification: Preparation for Serv-Safe Certification.

    Career opportunities/Advisement: Entry level positions in the Hospitality Industry


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