• Extended Essay Four-Year
    General Plan

    Senior Year


    Students submit a full draft to supervisors on September 8. Supervisors give feedback on drafts and students make revisions throughout the fall.


    The Extended Essay (4,000 word research paper that is externally assessed) is submitted. Students submit four final copies to supervisors.


    Higher Level Essay 2 (1,700 words) is completed using the MLA format.

    Junior Year


    Students select subject areas and identify supervisors for the EE. All supervisors receive information regarding the EE assignment.


    Students complete allusion workshops throughout the year in IB/AP Language A1 to practice formatting skills.

    Research and writing are done throughout the year in TOK on Fridays.


    Higher Level Essay 1 (1,700 words) is completed using the MLA format.

    Sophomore Year

    School Year

    Students complete a 500-word research paper in English class.


    Students receive more detailed information regarding the EE assignment in English class.

    Freshmen Year

    School year

    In English class students receive information regarding research assignments. The Extended Essay is introduced in class.

    Students complete a 500-word research paper.