• IB Subject Groups

    The Diploma Programme curriculum consists of six subject groups:

    Group 1:  First language
    Language A1 - A language course including the study of selections from world literature.

    Group 2:  Second language
    Language A2 - A language and literature course for fluent or bilingual students.
    Language B - A foreign language course for students with previous experience of the language.
    Language ab initio -  A foreign language course for beginners Classical languages Classical Greek, Latin
    Group 3: Individuals and Societies
    History, geography, economics, philosophy, psychology, social and cultural anthropology, business and management, information technology in a global society, Islamic history

    Group 4: Experimental Sciences
    Biology, chemistry, physics, environmental systems SL, design technology

    Group 5: Mathematics and Computer Science
    Mathematics HL, mathematics SL, mathematical studies SL, further mathematics SL, computer science (elective only)

    Group 6: The Arts
    Visual arts, music, theatre arts