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    Fall Expedition Title: Expanding West: Was It for the Best?
    Guiding Questions:
    1. What were the risks and rewards that pioneers faced during their journey west?
    2. What impace did the Westward Expansion have on Native Americans?
    3. What did the government have to gain from the Westward Expansion?
    Learning Expedition Summary

    Students will learn about the Westward Expansion through three different perspectives- Pioneer, Native American, and Government. They will experience what it was like to be a pioneer traveling westward during the Westward Expansion. While learning about pioneer life, they will be immersed through an experience where they will take on a role, receive fate cards where they will have to make important decisions that will help or hinder their journey west. Then students will learn about what it was like to be a Native American living during the Westward Expansion. They will be broken up into 3 Native American groups, which they will study. Students will use their knowledge to create 3 digital documentaries that explains the impact of Westward Expansion on their given tribe. While learning about the Pioneer and Native American experiences, students will also learn about the United States’ governmental role with the Westward Expansion.