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    Welcome Back!!
    Welcome to Mrs. Buttars'  3rd grade classroom!  We are excited for this 2020-2021 school year to begin. This will be a very adventurous school year with many hands-on inquiry activities that will take each child's level of learning to new heights.  Please take the time to visit our classroom webpage in order to view the curriculum, homework assignments, weekly newsletters, calendar and photos of your children actively learning.
                                      Important Dates:

                                             Thursday Oct 8th Half day for students

                                              Monday Oct 12-Columbus day no school

                                              Tuesday Oct 13th- parent teacher conferences

    Cat. Reading

                                 Curriculum Updates

    Reading-  I am excited to be working with our new reading program. The first unit is about environments around the world. We will be reading  many amazing stories such as Grandma and the Great Gourd, Why the Sky is Far Away, and Cocoliso.

    Writing- We will begin brainstorming our personal narrative writing pieces. 

    Math- This week we began our unit on multiplication. We will be learning that you can use repeated addition, skip counting, and/or counting pictures to solve a multiplication problem.

    Science- I science we will learn about different environments.

    We will examine what animals, plants, and groups of people that

    Live in the different environments.

    Social Studies- We will continue to learn about different landforms that can be found in different environments