• Welcome to School No. 16's School-Based Planning Team 

      Our SBPT is responsible for improving school productivity and assisting with our multi-year School Comprehensive Education Plan. The planning team, chaired by our principal, assesses student performance and school effectiveness, sets improvement goals and designs instruction and other services in the context of those goals. Our team is a deliberative, decision-making body that puts great focus on instruction, curriculum, and support for student learning. Our goal is to shape and strengthen the education provided to students and help lead them to the highest standards of achievement.

    If you are interested in participating, please call the School’s main office today

    School House



    Lisa Garrow - Principal

    Leandrew Wingo – Asst. Principal



    Dominique (Jones) Anderson

    Shanna Hunneyman


    Paraprofessionals & Teaching Assistants:

    Ernestine Brown - Parent Liaison

    TBA - Alternate




    Elizabeth Ellingham

    Kathryn Frank

    Stacy Franzese

    Lauren Gauvin

    Kerry Hall

    Mary Kay McMindes

    Michel Michele 

    Lisa Oliver

    Jennifer Osborne



    BENTE (Non-Teaching):

     E. Mary Martinez - Clerk