• Classroom Management Plan

    In our school students are given clear rules and expectations that go along with our school's "Keys to Success".  These are posted and taught in depth at the beginning of the year.


     Behavior choices are kept track of by use of a stop light. Students begin with their clothespins off the stop light and on a blue pentagon. If nonproductive behavioral choices are made they move their close pins from blue, to green, to yellow and finally to red.

    Green is a warning with a 5 minutes time out from recess.
    Yellow is 10 minutes out out from recess and a stoplight note is sent home.
    Red is no recess and a stoplight note is sent home.
    When a stoplight note is sent home it will explain the behavior choices that resulted in a clothespin move and must be signed and sent back to school the next day.

    Rights for Children

    Keys to Success

    We care about each other's feelings
    We use our hands for helping not hurting
    We respect the educational environment
    We are responsible for what we say and do