Enrico Fermi School No. 17 School-Based Planning Team

  • Enrico Fermi School 17's School Based Planning Team (SBPT) is the organizational structure for improving school productivity within the Rochester City School District and across New York State.
    SBPT is a deliberative, decision-making body whose main focus is directed towards instruction and curriculum to support student learning. SBPT is made up of teachers, parents, students, administrators, RAP/ BENTE members (non-teaching school employees) and representatives from the Rochester Teacher's Association (RTA).
    We maintain an active and on-going School-Based Planning Team.  SBPT meets monthly throughout the school year and again in late summer. 
     SBPT Member for the 2022-23 School Year
    Principal- Damaris Saltares 
    Assistant Principal- Lindsey Brown
    Assistant Principal- John-Martin Cannon
    Teacher-Tanya Homer
    Teacher- Nyla Sauders
    Teacher-Marissa Demario
    Teacher-Audrey Sowell
    Teacher-Elisabeth Algarin
    Teacher-Terry Hayes
    Willie Mason- BENTE
    Catreina Burke- RAP
    Parent Rep - Temesshia Gauthier
    Parent Rep- Zaira Velez
    Parent Rep- Lizbeth Reich


    School-Based Planning Team Dates

    October 6th 
    November 7th
    November 15th 
    December 5th
    January 9th
    February 6th
    March 6th 
    April 10th
    May 1st 
    June 5th 


Meeting Minutes