• Welcome to Enrico Fermi School 17 Volunteer Webpage.
    If you would like to volunteer at Enrico Fermi School 17 please follow the link below:
     DOWNLOADED FORMS - Must be sent to:
    Nydia Padilla-Rodriguez, Director of Community Partnerships
    131 West Broad Street
    Rochester NY 14614

    We welcome parents to be volunteers at School 17. Parent volunteer opportunities include lunchroom support, classroom support, administrative support, event planning and delivery. In order to become a parent volunteer, parents must submit a volunteer application, attend an orientation session, and submit a proposed schedule for administrator approval.   All volunteers are required to work under the supervision of RCSD staff and in open work spaces. Any parent seeking to complete WEP or community service hours should set up a meeting to discuss with the Community School Site Coordinator, Heather Starks @ 436-2560 x 1009.