• 7th and 8th Grade Modified Sports
    Eligibility Requirements

    The District’s Interscholastic Sports Program offers opportunities for students to participate in competitive sports at the modified, freshman, junior varsity and varsity levels. Student athletes are provided opportunities for physical exams and must be re-qualified by a nurse or doctor prior to each season.

    The sports program supports academic achievement by emphasizing the following eligibility requirements:

    • Maintain at least a C average in all subjects

    • Maintain 90 percent daily attendance in each class

    • Demonstrate good citizenship

    Student eligibility is assessed at each of the high schools by the Athletic Department.

    The same requirements apply to student eligibility for extracurricular activities such as music groups, drama clubs, step teams, Master Minds, science, math leagues, and more.

    College scholarships are available for students who excel in both academics and athletics. 

    Students in seventh grade, both male and female, will have the opportunity to tryout for the many sports.