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    to improve your music skills
    Learning aids
    Use your personal, music room login information to explore!
     3rd & 4th grade students can log-in with their personal username and passwords.
    See Mr. Arenz for your details asap!
     BrainPop / BrainPop Jr.
    Use our district's login information to learn even more!
    If you are unsure of this information, please see a school teacher.
    Games/Quizzes for Note Reading
    Answer questions correctly to make your rally car cross the finish line first 
    See how quickly you can identify notes.  Use the toggle tool at the top to customize the exercise
    Earn chances to create matches and blast away basketballs, tennis balls, and bowling balls
     Games/Quizzes for Instruments
    Battle another team to see who can answer the most questions correctly 
    Help the superhero find the instruments
    Rhythm Fun
    Use your rhythm and math skills to build up your very own teacher flinging machine
    students dancing in music room