Liberty Partnerships, a comprehensive academic excellence program funded by the New York State Education Department, was established in 1988 to address the significant school dropout rate among New York State’s youth.  LPP engages colleges and universities, school districts, parents, students, community organizations, business and industry, and local government as stakeholders.



    The mission of LPP is to ensure that program participants graduate from high school and enter post-secondary education and/or the workforce as highly competent young adults.


    Target Population

    Monroe Community College’s LPP provides academic and personal support services to at-risk Rochester City School District students in grades 7-12. The enrollment capacity is 284 students.


    Program Services

    Ø  Academic tutoring in math, science, English and social studies at the Damon City Campus (the Sibley building) two afternoons per week.

    Ø  Case management and academic support services provided by on-site advisors at target schools.

    Ø  Career exploration that includes a monthly Speakers’ Bureau where information on various careers is provided by professionals and educators, job shadowing and computer-based research.

    Ø  College preparation activities, including college tours and workshops on choosing a college, essay writing for college applications, and applying for financial aid.

    Ø  Cultural and social activities such as visits to local museums, ice skating and bowling.

    Ø  Community service projects with local non-profit organizations.

    Ø  Home visits by program staff to enroll students in the program, monitor school progress, offer support during family crises, and build relationships with the youth and their families. 



    Over the past six academic years the average graduation rate for LPP students has been 87%.  The average rate of students going to college has been 74%; of those students going to college, 69% have enrolled at MCC.