The staff and faculty at Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School are committed to providing the best educational setting for your student.  In order to provide students who are struggling with the support they need, we have implemented a comprehensive Response to Intervention System.

    What is RtI (response to intervention)?

          Response to intervention (RtI) is a multi-tiered approach to the early identification and support of students with learning and behavioral needs.  Struggling students are provided with interventions at increasing levels to enhance their rate of learning.
    Who is involved in Response to Intervention?
          RtI is a collaborative process that includes:
                School Psychologists
                School Social Workers
                Student Support Staff
    What does a "multi-tiered approach" mean?
       A multi-tiered approach to RtI means that based on a student's need, their level of intervention increases.
    RtI pyramid At tier 1, all students receive high quality instruction in their classes.  If a student is identified as struggling, teachers and support staff provide additional supports in the classroom setting to meet the needs of those students.  If students do not make adequate progress, they can be referred to the RtI team for additional Tier 2 supports.
    At tier 2, students are provided with additional supports that can be done in a small group setting, such as Extended Day classes, Saturday School or Ramp up classes.  These services are in addition to the classroom instruction.
    At tier 3, students who have not made adequate progress in with their Tier 2 supports, may be referred for more intensive support.  This can include smaller group instruction that is based on individual needs.  
    If students continue to struggle, the team (with the parent) may refer the student for additional support through a 504 plan or through special education services.
    Who should I contact if my child isn't doing as well as they should?
       The first step would be to contact your child's school counselor to set up a parent teacher conference.
     At the conference, ask what interventions are currently being used.  You may decide, at any time,  that your child needs to be referred for additional supports.