Field Trip pictures from the "Walk the Walk" presentation 

    Young Frederick Douglass  Frederick's speech  Austin Steward    
    Frederick Douglass                           Frederick Douglass' speech      Austin Steward, store owner

    bessie hamm  george brown  Captain sunfush

    Ms. Bessie Hamm                  Mr. George Brown              Captain Sunfish (everyone's favorite)   

     anna murray douglass  group  Up top
               Anna Murray Douglass                     All the presenters              We are down there somewhere!
     Photos from our trips to the Erie Canal/ Genesee River and will be downloaded soon!
       Archive:  My sixth graders from the 2012-2013 school year doing experiment with OOBLECK, a non-Newtonian fluid.  
    oobleck oobleck 2 oobleck 3 oobleck 4 oobleck 5


    Examples of student's work, thoughts, and pictures will be posted here shortly. 
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