• Our 5th grade class will be focusing a great deal of energy on the Common Core Curriculum.  The Common Core includes RCSD, New York State and National Teaching Standards.  It intends to create a universal guideline of grade-specific content for teachers, students, and parents. It is structured in such a way to scaffold or build upon previous years' skills and objectives.
    5th grade is a transitional year, as students begin to focus less on LEARNING TO READ and more on READING TO LEARN.  It is a year that students are beginning to prepare for the riggors of high school and beyond. 
    Students are expected to come to school ready to learn.  They are assigned purposeful homework each night to review and practice daily lessons or to prepare for upcoming lessons.  In order to keep their skills sharp and be empowered to learn, they should read for 30 minutes each day (including Friday,Saturday, and Sunday) and write in their journal daily (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).  Math practice homework is assinged almost daily.
    As a BULLY FREE classroom, the learning environment is conducive to collaborative learning, exploring, and growing.  We encourage our students to resolve conflicts peacefully and to seek adult assistance if needed.  Students should be accepting of others, regardless of differences.  This creates an atmosphere that is welcoming of others, tolerant of others, and open to change.
    We have an open door policy.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to come visit our class any time.  While we will not be able to have personal conferences at that time, we hope to share our experiences with our families.