Procedures for Referring Students to the Young Mothers Program

    Please send referrals and forms for Young Mothers students to the referral mailbox: YM.IHAReferrals@rcsdk12.org.

    We request that referrals are sent via this email format only. Please do not fax or email referrals to individual staff members.

    Forms needed for Transferring a Maternity Student to the Young Mothers Program

    • Counselor Referral Form (Form Y-1)
    • Course Requirement Form (Form Y-2)
    • RCSD Voluntary Transfer Form
    • Verification of Pregnancy (doctor's note) with due date

    Note: A Voluntary Transfer form may be obtained from your Home School Administrator. 

    Students with an IEP

    1. Please be aware that we cannot accept students with MR classifications due to limited staffing and we have only a consultant teacher model.

    2. The student must continue to attend her/his home school until the student has been accepted and the IEP has been amended to YM&IHA Program and consultant teacher model.

    3. Once a student enters the program, YM staff will conduct necessary triennials and annuals for students.

    On the date of entrance, students should report by 7:30 a.m. for breakfast. Following breakfast, an orientation with our school counselor will occur.