• Languages Other than English

    French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, and Spanish 


    BrainPOP ESL provides educational resources for English Language Learners (ELLs). BrainPOP ESL focuses on reading, writing, vocabulary building, grammar, and pronunciation.




    BrainPOP Español provides BrainPOP content in Spanish. All content is aligned to and searchable by state standards.


    Click on the picture and hear the word or action in Spanish.


    Interactive word practice on several vocabulary topics, online vocabulary and grammar tests, etc.


    Pronunciation tutorials along with grammar drills, verb drills, and idioms.


    Little Explorers Picture Dictionary - English-Spanish version

    Toolkit and extensive resources for learning Spanish 


    Super Spanish Web sites

    Scroll down to Table of Contents.  Check Vocabulary Builder Aids, Dictionaries, Tutorial Lessons, and Games and Fun Sites.



    Latin Resources- Interactive Vocabulary and Grammar Quizzes


    Stars Together

    SigningCooperation Hands