• College Application Procedure

    The college application process begins in the fall of a student's senior year.

    Pay attention to DEADLINES

    All college/scholarship applications are due to your counselor 10 SCHOOL DAYS prior to the application deadline - NO EXCEPTIONS!


    Even if you have applied online you must complete the following:

    Naviance:  Add your colleges to the “Colleges I’m Applying to” link found in the “Colleges” tab.

    Letters of Recommendation: If your application requires a letter of recommendation, make sure that you ask your teacher to submit one via Naviance. (Be sure to thank them!)

    Completed College/Scholarship Application: Make sure that all sections of the application are complete.


    For Common Application Schools:

    1. Create an account at www.commonapp.org and add your common applications schools to your account.
    2. Link your Naviance account and Common App account in Naviance in the “Colleges” tab under “Colleges I’m applying to.” Enter the email address you used to create your Common App account and press “match.” You will need to complete the FERPA Release Authorization (found on the Common App) before you can link your accounts.
    3. After you ask a teacher to write you a letter of recommendation and they agree, add their name under the “Teacher Recommendation” heading in Naviance. This will allow teachers to upload their letter to your account.



    For potential scholarships, go to scholarships.com.