• Student and Teacher Rights
    Regarding Classroom Visitations
    All students and staff of the Wilson community are entitled to expect proper regard for their rights and welfare.
    Students' Rights:
    • To uninterrupted instruction
    • To freedom from interaction by visitors of the school during instruction except when invited by the classroom teacher.
    Teachers' Rights:
    • To uninterrupted instruction
    • To 24 hour notice prior to a visit
    • To recommend a more appropriate time and day to visit based on instructional objectives and activities.
    Any visitor, defined as a person who is not a student, staff member or building employee of Wilson, shall observe the following rules for entering and observing classrooms:
    • A 24 hour notice will be given tot he teacher of Administrator who will in turn notify the security desk of the appointment.
    • All visitors will be scanned by our school security prior to entry.
    • All visitors will wait in the parent resource center until they are received by a teacher, SSO, or administrator.
    • All electronic devices will be turned off while inside the classroom.