• National Honor Society


    Membership in the National Honor Society is one way in which Wilson Magnet recognizes students who have shown exemplary skills in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character and service. Every fall, both juniors and seniors are inducted into the Wilson Magnet Chapter of the National Honor Society. It is important that all members of the Wilson community be informed about the necessary eligibility requirements of the National Honor Society.
    Eligibility Requirements


    a.       Academic eligibility is based on the student’s performance in the years prior to induction.


    b.       Student’s cumulative grade point average must be at least 3.375/4.5.


    c.       Students who are academically eligible will be assessed upon three other criteria: leadership, service and character.


    d.       Once being recognized as academically eligible, the student will receive an activity form, which must be completed and returned to the advisors.


    e.       Lastly, the list of eligible candidates is presented to the faculty at Wilson for their comments. Students must receive endorsement of faculty and/or faculty council to finalize eligibility.


    Students who have met these requirements are invited and welcomed to join the National Honor Society. Any student who feels that he or she has been rendered ineligible due to extenuating circumstances may present a written appeal to the Advisory Council for its consideration. An oral hearing may also follow.

    Induction Time Line


    • By September 14 – Report Cards checked to determine academic eligibility.
    • By September 21 – Activity Forms distributed.
    • By 1st Friday in October – All Activity Forms returned to advisor.
    • 2nd week in October – Advisory Council meets to draw up lists of candidates to be sent to faculty.
    • 3rd week in October – Advisory Council meets to finalize list of candidates.
    • Last Monday in October – Inductees invited to breakfast put on by current members. Regents sent to others who returned Activity Forms; faculty notified of final list; parents of inductees invited to the evening ceremony.
    • 1st week in November – Evening induction ceremony.