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  • Phone  585-454-3525
    Principal Pamela Rutland
    School Begins  9:00am
    Dismissal         4:30pm

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Nathaniel Rochester Community STEM School

    Science Technology Engineering Math

    STEM education is the integration of 4 disciplines: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Its purpose is to enable students to guide their own learning while solving real-world problems using 21st century learning skills. Students are able to use prior knowledge from the 4 disciplines to construct deeper and new information while developing a solution to the problem. 
    STEM education is innovative, where the end result/answer has multiple right solutions, each one unique to the individual learner. 
    STEM Education encompasses and integrates all discipline areas. At times certain disciplines such as E.L.A., Social Studies and the Arts may not seem present, however when you look at what students are doing, it will become evident that practices or skills of each discipline are being applied.