SBPT Meeting


In Attendance: Laniak, Gauvin, Ebner, Osborne, Mey, Michel, O’Keefe, Givens

Agenda: K-6 Interventions, State Visit, PD Approval



  • We need to formalize our intervention plan for the school year. We have 2 people hired with Title 1 money to run Tier 3 intervention, as well as a para to run the computer lab intervention as well. Some of the money from the budget has been used to pay for this para as well. Some teachers have expressed interest in running Tier 3 intervention groups and that is ok. We also have a reading teacher working on Tier 2. The year has been divided into 6 week cycles of interventions and groups are formed depending on data collected. If students are not making progress for 2 intervention cycles, we will refer these students to the Problem Solving Team. We met with Brenna Farrell to get Phonics Blitz as an additional resource to use for the non-responders. We are holding Data Meetings this week to meet with teachers at the end of the first six week cycle to look at progress monitoring data to see how groups should change. These meetings will occur at the end of each six week cycle. We are seeing lots of growth when looking at progress monitoring scores on Intervention Logs online. Teachers are keeping that data up to date, and much work has already been done this year. We are looking forward to our efforts with early intervention. Matt would like to invite Dr. Otuwa in to our school to see how we are running our K-6 interventions. We would like to continue this model for years to come.

  • It continues to be the expectation that K-6 teachers need to progress monitor Tier 2 students bi-weekly and Tier 3 students weekly. Intervention Logs should be updated online weekly by the classroom teacher. All 1-6 teachers should be progress monitoring using AIMSweb M-COMP at least bi-weekly.

  • State Visit- They are coming the week before February break. This is a State led review. More information will follow.

  • PD Approvals were reviewed and approved.