SBPT Minutes

September 14, 2015

In Attendance: Laniak, Mey, Occhino, Ebner, Osborne, Michel, O’Keefe, Gauvin, Dunn, Mossgraber, Givens


  • PD Approvals

  • Grade level meetings

  • Parent compact

  • Parent engagement funds

  • School-wide committees

  • Parent newsletters


PD Approvals- All PD was approved. Ebner will put signed forms in teacher’s mailboxes. SBPT can only approve 22 hours for one topic at a time.

Grade Level Meetings- The schedule is coming out this week, and Grade Level Meetings start next week. They cannot all be on one day like last year due to losing paraprofessional positions this year.

Parent Compact- The Title I, Part A Parent Involvement/Parent Engagement documents were reviewed and approved. Parent involvement money will be used for school wide events (printing, freedom passes for buses, food).

Parent Newsletter- Specials teachers will be adding to the newsletter this year in order to communicate to parents 1x/mo. Just a few sentences to communicate to parents what will be coming up in the month ahead/topics per grade levels. Certain grade levels will be “on spotlight” for assigned months. This will happen at least 2x/yr. Teachers can send pictures and a summary of what is happening in the grade level and submit to Joyce. Grade level assignments will be posted in the weekly bulletin. Mossgraber will include Terrific Kid names for each month as well.

School Committees- Please sign up for a committee in the main office.

Substitutes- $104,000 was given to our school to cover subs for the entire year. If funds run out, no one is sure what will happen then. Last year, CO covered all substitutes. This year the only time CO will cover subs is when staff is out for religious holidays, mammograms, CSE dates, Court dates, Maternity leave, and any other leave longer than 5 days.

Teachers- Mark Franklin and Rebecca Cincebox are our Title I Reading Teachers. Ericka House is now our Building Sub and will start this position when the .5 ELA teacher begins. We still do not have a Certified Spanish teacher. We are still waiting to hear from placement. We still do not have a Certified Librarian. There is a shortage of librarians in the District.

Intervention- Data will be collected to determine Tier 2 and Tier 3 students. Data will be collected from NWEA, AIMSweb, and Skills Strand Assessments from K-2.

Parent Involvement- Cam is working to get us more parents on SBPT and PTA. If students turn in the parent interest forms, please return them to Cam Mossgraber ASAP.

QUAD A- We have a new director of QUAD A. Wanda is no longer with this after school program. We would like to see more academic activities and less recreational activities take place this year. SBPT would like to sit in on interviews, and hopefully our own teachers would like to work QUAD A. We would also like students who need it based on academic needs to have first priority. The District cut our transportation home from QUAD A. When we moved here from Post Ave, Vargas promised parents that transportation would be provided while we were at Freddie Thomas. Laniak is meeting with Vargas this week to try to resolve this.

Open House Committee- Open House will be on 9/24 from 6-7:30pm. An email was sent to Carla Roberts to ask for 7/8 ambassadors to help run the tour at the beginning of the program. Teachers will meet in the cafeteria at 6:30 for the Principal’s presentation to parents and to be introduced as well. Teachers do not need to be in their classrooms from 6-6:30 since this is not classroom time. Open classroom time will take place from 7-7:30. Teachers will need to be in their classrooms by 6:50. Joyce asked for printed materials to be translated into all 7 languages represented in our building.

Other Business:

Technology- K-2 will be able to use ipads and the computer lab. Grade 3 will be able to sign out the computer lab as well. Grades 4-6 will be using Chrome Books only, and grades 7/8 will be using laptop carts.

Computer lab (326) will be sign up only. Teachers will be able to sign up for a time after the intervention schedule is created.

Laniak will send out evaluation lists with assigned administrators this week.

Next Meeting: Oct 12th in the library at 3:50

Agenda: Data from testing, Intervention Plan, SCEP review