• Mathematics Pacing Guide for Fifth Grade

    See the chart attached for topic information on a schedule. New York State Common Core Standards allign all of our instruction. This timetable can help you understand where we have been and will go in our mathematics class.

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  • Homework Policy Information

    There are some key changes to what parents might normally expect for nightly homework. Take a look. 

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  • Parent Handbook

    Parent Handbook for our class:
    -behavior system
    -curriculum topics
    -reading connection
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  • September 11th, 2001 Observance

    Hello Parents!


          Hopefully by now, your child has come home and interviewed you about your memories and thoughts for the anniversary of 9/11/2001.

         We have sent home an interview sheet for your child to take notes on your responses. It is so valuable to learn history from your elders and this sad but important event in history is one that our parents and grandparents can recall with clarity.

         Also, ask your child about the letter that he/she has written to our local fire department. This is the outline of that letter:

    Sentences should include:
    - we remember the heroes who tried to save lives like they do
    - fact about 9/11
    - fact about 9/11
    - detail our parent remembers
    - promise to remember
    - thank them for continuing to protect us, even though they are risking their lives

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  • Internet Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement Form

    Internet Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement Form
    The Board of Education's Internet Acceptable Use Policy (policy no. 4526) describes the acceptable and appropriate use of the internet by district students, staff, faculty and visitors using district property. Attached is the Internet Use Agreement Form, which must be signed by the appropriate parties using the internet on district property.
    I will contact you if we do not have one of these on file for your child. They do carry over year to year. 
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  • Photo Release

    Photo Release
    Some student information, including images of your child, can be shared without your consent. If you are concerned about protecting the privacy of your Rochester City School District student, please read below carefully. To prevent the release of student information, you must complete a new form for the 2015-2016 school year.
    Send this form in once you have filled it out and I will get it to the proper people. Feel free to contact me to check if it has been received and filed. 
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  • Replacement Agenda Sheet

    Replacement Agenda Sheet
    Please feel free to use this form if your child has lost or left his agenda sheet behind.
    We give out monthly (and in some cases, weekly) agenda sheets for your child to keep track of assignments. It is very important that you see your child's agenda each night and sign it. This work responsibility will become a practice and strength for your child if these expectations are enforced by parents. It is also an excellent place to write us a note, we can sign also. 
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