• Students in 7th grade receive health instruction every other day.

    Standard 1—Personal Health and Fitness

    1. Students will understand human growth and development and recognize the relationship between behaviors and healthy development. They will understand ways to promote health and prevent disease and will demonstrate and practice positive health behaviors.


    • integrate knowledge of basic body systems with an understanding of the changes that accompany puberty
    • apply prevention and risk reduction strategies to adolescent health problems
    • demonstrate the necessary knowledge and skills to promote healthy adolescent development
    • analyze the multiple influences which affect health decisions and behaviors.

    Standard 2—A Safe and Healthy Environment

    1. Students will demonstrate personally and socially responsible behaviors. They will care for and respect themselves and others. They will recognize threats to the environment and offer appropriate strategies to minimize them.


    • assess potentially dangerous situations and demonstrate the skills to avoid or reduce their risks
    • demonstrate personal and social skills which enhance personal health and safety
    • understand the need for personal involvement in improving the environment.

    Standard 3—Resource Management

    1. Students will understand the influence of culture, media, and technology in making decisions about personal and community health issues. They will know about and use valid health information, products, and services. Students will advocate for healthy families and communities.


    • distinguish between valid and invalid health information, products and services
    • recognize how cultural beliefs influence health behaviors and the use of health services
    • demonstrate the ability to work cooperatively when advocating for healthy individuals, families and schools
    • analyze how media and technology influence the selection of health information, products and services
    • recognize the need to be an advocate for family and community health
    • demonstrate the ability to access community health services for prevention, illness, and emergency care.