• NorthSTAR Social and Emotional Learning Center
    Upper NorthSTAR                                                                          Lower NorthSTAR
    30 Hart Street, 4th Floor                                                               180 Ridgeway Ave. 
    Rochester, NY 14605                                                                    Rochester, NY 14615
    Phone: (585) 324-9945                                                                 585-235-2820 Ext. 2540
    Associate Director: Samantha Cook                                         Associate Director: Marissa Nicholson 
    DASA Coordinator: Samantha Cook                                         DASA Coordinator: Marissa Nicholson 
    Director: Dr. Shannon Karcher
    NorthSTAR SELC is a therapeutic, mental health educational 8:1:2 program designed for students in Kindergarten-12th grades with significant social and emotional mental health needs. Our transitional program prepares students to successfully re-engage into a traditional, comprehensive school or specialized program in a less restrictive environment.
Last Modified on October 22, 2019