•  Three Amigos

    Welcome to the Math Team

    Ms.Kristie Knab

    Mr. Adrian B. Clark, Sr.

    Mr.Benjamin Yagoda



    Math Rules

    1.Fantastic teachers

    2.Unfaultering positive attitude

    3.Never give up, Persistance is everthing

     Math is Fun



    Grand Cannon


    In Room 450 we teach Algebra, Geomerty, and Statistics.

    Our mission is to make math fun, and authnetic. Every student needs to understand how important math is in their everyday lives.


    general sherman tree

     Math takes us to the moon and the stars beyond.

    Math takes us to the depths our Oceans.

    And perhaps even more important, math takes us to the fundamental building blocks of life itself, our DNA.






    "  Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in multiplicity and confusion of things."

    Sir Isaac Newton 


    newtons apple


    Our Math Team has over 30 years of combined teaching experience. We are NYS Certified in: Special Education, Social Studies, and Business and Marketing.

    Combined we have:

    Associates Degree from Everest Institute in Criminal Justice

    Bachelors Degree from Binghamton University in Biology

    Bachelors Degree from Roberts Wesleysan College in Education

    Masters Degree in Business Administration from St. John Fisher College 

    Masters Degree in Education from Roberts Wesleyan College.


    Benjamin Yagoda


    Special Education Teaacher

    30 Hart Street

    Rochester, New York 14605