NorthSTAR  Education Program

     Social and Emotional Learning Center


    NorthSTAR (grades 7-12)
    DASA Coordinator: Michele Hewitt

    Main Office
    54 Oakman Street
    Rochester, NY 14605

    Phone: 585-324-9945
    Fax: 585-324-9946

    Transportation: 585-336-4000

    The Rochester City School District (RCSD) is committed to ensuring that the NorthSTAR Social and Emotional Leaning Center (NS SELC) is a safe, secure, and orderly environment, in which teaching and learning take place each day.  A safe and supportive learning environment depends on students, parents, and staff demonstrating mutual respect. 

    The purpose of this document is to promote and support social and emotional development learning for healthy relationships and a safe respectful environment that is conducive for learning for all students.  Included in this document are guidelines, program requirements and resources that support positive student conduct and learning.

    NorthSTAR SELC is a therapeutic, mental health educational 8:1:2 program designed for students in 7-12 grades with significant social and emotional mental health needs.