Main Office
    175 Martin St.
    Phone:  585 - 324 - 9945 Rochester, NY 14605
    Fax: 585-324-9946
    Transportation: 585-336-4000 
    The mission of the North S.T.A.R. Program is to help emotionally fragile children learn coping strategies, behavioral expectations and to increase their academic skills so that they will be able to successfully re-integrate into a comprehensive high school. This will be achieved through a nurturing environment, researched-based interventions, and dedicated staff. 


    Information For Parents
    •  Students are to enter through the main entrance on Hart St.Students are scanned daily as they enter the building. 
    • Cigarettes, lighters, drugs, and weapons will be taken away and not returned. This is for the everyone’s safety. 
    • Cell Phones are to be turned in to the school safety officer when they enter so they do not disrupt the flow of instruction, and will be returned to the students when they leave each day. 
    • Students are escorted at all times to maintain safety in the building.
    • Students are expected to remain in the North STAR area of the building at all times.