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  •   NorthSTAR is designed for students with significant emotional and behavioral challenges in grades 7-12.   It is a transitional program designed for students returning from home instruction, day treatment, BOCES, residential, psychiatric, and/or jail facilities that require additional supports to help them manage their behavioral, social and academic needs.
    The NorthSTAR Program has a rich history including Native Americans, African Americans, and sailors, and the sense of coming home.  The concept of the North Star came from the Native Americans that called it the “Home Star” as it was said to help them find their way home. It is our intention that our students will use this program to help them reach their destinations. The North Star was also used by African-Americans finding their way to freedom and a better life. Our students are also looking to find their way, both in their academic and home lives.  Locally, the North Star Newspaper was founded here, in Rochester, by former slave, orator and publisher, Frederick Douglass.  The name of the program shows ties to Rochester’s history. Sailors used the North Star to help them reach their destinations. It is our hope that our students will use this program to help them reach their goals.

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