ROCHESTER N.Y. 14611

     Hello Parents                                                                                                                       


    The 2020-2021 school year has proven to be full of firsts! Whether you are a new student or a  returning student, we welcome all of you as we embark on our first Hybrid day of school! 

     The hybrid model will be implemented in phases.

                             Phase 1: (January 5, 2020)  Students in Specialized Program. 

                              Phase 2: (February 8, 2020) Pre -K-6 General Education and Special Education Students  

    • Hybrid Students  will report for in-person instruction on Monday and Tuesday, Independent learning on Wednesday and Remote learning on Thursday, and Friday.
    • Remote students  will  have remote learning on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with Independent Learning on Wednesday.
    • Wednesday will be a planning/ PLC day, while the building is deep cleaned.
    • Special Education: Ace Classes will report for in person instruction Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and independent work on Wednesday
    • Wednesday will be a professional development and planning for staff while the building is deep cleaned. 

     Whether your child is returning In-person or staying remote, now is the time to  have your child follow the usual school day–weekend day sleep  schedule. It is best to have a regular wake-up time and bedtime that is the same as the schedule you set when they are attending In-Person school.

    It is important that before January 5th, Hybrid students should practice keeping their masks on for the day. They will have masks breaks but the majority of the time, masks will be worn.. 

    Staff ( Teacher, support teachers, special subject teachers, teaching assistant and  paraprofessional) will be working in person with the hybrid students why they continue to work virtually with the remote students. 

    Remote students will be required to join their virtual classes each day at the times listed on their  individual schedules where they will continue to receive instruction The K-6 (Student’s With  Disabilities) will be using seesaw and General Education grades 3rd through 6th grade will be  using google classroom as their learning platform and Class Dojo as a communication device for  parents and teachers. 

    Even though this is a stressful time for all,  let us remember to be patient and kind when we have to try to resolve a problem. This is not the normalcy that we know, but it is the normalcy that exists.  Parents, thank you for all you do and we are here to support you!                                                                                                                             Karon A. Jackson, Principal