• Bright Spot Teacher

    Bright Spot for a Bright Teacher

    September,  2016
    Wednesday’s Bright Spot shines on recognition for commanders in the classroom – teachers!

    Wednesday, Walmart surprised fourth grade teacher Kimberly Winfrey of School #4 with an iPad and a $490 gift card to supply her classroom for one year.

    Winfrey is a passionate and caring teacher who tries to develop a personal relationship with each student. She was nominated by her school for this honor.

    “I thought our administrators were just walking around to say good morning,” said Winfrey, “and I look up to see our community partners, my parents, husband, church family and parents, and I was really shocked. Usually I know what’s going around the school, but they kept this one a surprise for me.”

    “It means a great deal to me,” Winfrey added. “I want my students to know how much they are loved and how much I want the best for them.”

    It is estimated that teachers spend an average of $490 of their own money annually on classroom-related expenses.