•   School No. 57 is  a uniform school. Students in Pre-k will not be wearing uniforms.

    The uniform colors will be khaki and navy-blue; khaki bottoms and navy blue tops.


    · Boys will wear khaki slacks and navy blue, golf style, collared polo shirts.

    · Girls will wear khaki slacks or skirts and navy blue, golf style, collared polo shirts.

    · Shoes or sneakers with socks are acceptable - no sandals or plastic shoes .

    · Gym days - Students may navy blue collared shirts, khaki shorts OR navy sweat pants and sneakers.

    · Warm weather students may wear khaki colored shorts.

    · Cooler weather - Long sleeve navy blue golf style shirts or Turtlenecks in Navy blue or white can be worn under the uniform shirt on cool/cold days.
    *Be sure to label each item with your child's name!


    There are several stores featuring school uniforms; Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Kmart, to name a few. The best prices I have found are at Walmart online. Shirts can purchased in packages of three for $12.00 and slacks can be purchased in packages of two for $16.00. If you are a thrift store shopper like me, try ABVI Goodwill - You may find new or nearly new at a more affordable price.

    Samples of our uniform are shown below:

       shirt skirt shorts lsshirt