• Eva Thomas

    Eva J. Thomas is a former student, teacher, and Principal of Dr. Charles T. Lunsford School # 19.  In addition to serving 10 years with Lifetime Assistance Inc., she began her teaching career at Eugenio Maria De Hostos Charter School.   In 2003, Eva was recruited by the Rochester City School District where she has been advocating for Rochester’s youth ever since. She has dual certification in the field of education and administration.

    In her current role, Eva was the Senior Director for Youth Development and Family Services where she also supported The Office of Parent Engagement for the Rochester City School District.  She has been a part of the Rochester City School District family for approximately 16 years.

    It is her heart’s desire to see the children and families that she serves on a daily basis become academically, socially, and emotionally successful and self-sufficient. She looks forward to seeing her students become productive citizens within the Rochester community and future global leaders. Her favorite quote is “It takes a village to raise a child. “ It is our pleasure to introduce to some and present to others, the newly appointed Principal of The Early Childhood Program School # 57, Mrs. Eva J. Thomas.