• Uniforms 
    All students are required to wear school uniform beginning on the first day of school.  

    • Tops: White, pale yellow, light blue blouses or polo shirts, navy sweaters.
    • Bottoms: Navy blue or black skirt/jumper/slacks
    • Tops: White, pale yellow, light blue/dark blue short or long sleeve shirts, navy sweater. Dress shirts or polo shirts.
    • Bottoms: Blue or black pants
    Shoes - Closed toe shoes or sneakers. 
    P.E. Days - All students need sneakers. Additionally, Lower and Upper Elementary students will need shorts and t-shirts. Students may not wear t-shirts with text or logos.
    Uniform Swap - Ms. Dailey, our parent liaison, will run its annual uniform swap in August.  At the swap, you may receive a clothing item in exchange for a donated item or pay $1/item without an exchange.   We hope to add 1-2 more formal uniform swaps during the school year as the school children outgrow their clothes; nonetheless, gently used uniforms are available at any time during the year through Montessori Academy's parent liaison.  Our current parent liaison, Ms. Dailey, has our inventory of uniforms if you need them or want to donate.  This resource may be especially useful for those whose children have a growth spurt near the end of the school year and are hesitant to buy any new school clothing at that time of the year.
    New Uniforms May Be Purchased At: