• Ms. Charleton, PTO President
    Ms. Alexander, PTO Vice President
    Mr. Yockel, Treasurer and Secretary
    October 11th 8:15 am
    November 8th 8:15 am
    December 13th 8:15 am
    January 10th 8:15 am
    February 15th 8:15 am
    March 14th 8:15 am
    April 11th 8:15 am
    May 9th 8:15 am
    June 13th 8:15 am 
    PTO Family Events:
    September 9th, Open House 5:30 pm 
    November 17th, Health Fair 
    December 13th to 16th, Student Holiday Shoppe
    January 17th Line Dancing 5:30 pm
    February 10th Family Movie Night 5:30 pm 
    April 11th, Karaoke and Dance Night 5:30 pm
    Additional Parent Events:
    Snack and Chat, 2nd Friday of the Month 7:30 am (with a few exceptions, see flyer)
    All Pro Dads, 3rd Friday of the Month 7:30 am (with a few exceptions, see flyer)
    Parent in the Classroom, 2 times a month (see flyer)