• Hello Everyone - It's great to be back in school and so good to see all of you!  If you are new to our school and your child takes medication, we would be happy to give the medication in school for you.  We just need the Doctor's Order, Parent Written Permission, and a signed HIPPA (English) and HIPPA(Spanish) form so that I can speak with your child's doctor.  The medication itself must be brought in by an adult in a clearly labeled container from the pharmacy.  The label must state your child's name, the medication, and the dose the doctor has prescribed.  This is true for any refills that may be needed.  Please note that no child is allowed to carry medication in school. We also require a current physical and Immunizations for each new student, please have your provider complete the Health Appraisal Form.  Access to all forms are in this text, simply click on the words that are underlined to get the form.. 
    I would also like to inform you about our telemedicine program called, Healthy-e-Access.  This program allows children to see a doctor or nurse practitioner without leaving school.  Using special cameras, an electronic stethoscope, and a computer, medical staff from the University of Rochester receive the images and information so a diagnosis can be made.  This means you can have prescriptions filled for your child if needed without coming to school to pick your child up and bring him or her to the doctor's office.  Prescriptions can be called into your pharmacy for you to pick up; in many cases (depending on the pharmacy), they can be delivered to your home.  Any child is allowed to participate, although no child will be allowed to participate without written consent from a parent or guardian.  Access to all forms are in this text, simply click on the words that are underlined to get the form.
    If there is anything I can do to help meet your child's medical needs throughout the school day, please let me know.  I am part of the support team that your child deserves in order to be successful in school.  I am here and available Monday - Friday from 07:20am - 02:50pm.  My contact number and e-mail address are listed below.  Thank you.

    Tammie Boyle, RN

    School #43 Health Nurse
    Phone:  (585) 458-4200 opt. 2
    Fax:  (585) 794-5043