• Global Citizenship Conference

     RIA at NAZ 2020

    Every year in the spring, RIA Student Government participates in the Global Citizenship Conference held at Nazareth College. According to the Conference website:

    Participating students will:

    • Become more aware of the diversity of cultural and religious traditions and belief systems that exist and how they shape people's lives.
    • Learn about a religious tradition/belief system with which they are unfamiliar, helping them to gain understanding and dispel stereotypes.
    • Encounter a safe environment where they can become aware of, and dialogue about, issues of religious intolerance that have occurred in their schools and communities.
    • Become more aware of healthy ways of responding to conflict in order to better promote understanding.
    • Learn some fundamental guidelines and etiquette to help them interact respectfully in a pluralistic society.

    In 2019, several of the RIA Student Government students even had the opportunity to present at the Conference. This group of female Muslim students presented on the topic “Being a Woman in Islam.”

    The Conference is always a great success and a wonderful cultural and environmental learning experience for RIA students. They have the opportunity to spend time on a local college campus with peers from schools around the county listening to and learning from experts in their respective fields. Last year, we even had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with former RIA students and RIA graduates!

    Global Citizenship Conference