Frog Expert from SUNY Brockport, John Bateman, Presents From the Modern Learning Space

  •  Frog Expert John Bateman

    This unit aligned with the 3rd Grade common core curriculum.

Mrs. Horton's 3rd Grade Class from School #25 Joins the Presentation at the Modern Learning Spac

  • Mrs. Horton

    This was an amazing opportunity for students to connect to both their peers and an expert that they otherwise may not have connected to.

About John Bateman

  • John Bateman is a wetland research scientist with the College at Brockport and also teaches there.  He received his B.S and M.S. from the College at Brockport, and has been conducting research there since 2009.  John’s specialties include amphibian and breeding bird monitoring, mark-recapture work with frogs and salamanders, and wetland restoration design and monitoring.  In addition to his research, John is passionate about educating those in his community about wildlife in the area.  He is an active volunteer in several local school districts where he teaches primary and secondary school students both inside and outside of the classroom.